Thursday, 3 April 2008

Early Morning Musings

I have been awake since about 5 this morning. Don't know why because I'm exhausted!! I have a really heavy cold at the moment. But I'm still wakeful :( Can't sleep anymore tonight. I've always been like this at springtime. Every year I seem to wake up really early when spring starts. I kind of like it, except it's tiring.
One good thing about this is that through my open window I can hear the dawn chorus. And it's amazing!!! God really does things well. He is ALL BEAUTY... Lord you are all beauty and I am so gratefully and passionately in love with You.

What is in my head today? Or is it still 'tonight'?? (Well. 2 out of 3 children are up so I guess it must be today. Although it still very much feels like tonight. Hmmmm. Does that even make sense??)

The whole "passport saga" (erm: long, long story) has left me feeling drained. As if I needed anything else to drain me. More drained then. Even more drained!! I'm not going to recount the whole story but basically the renewal for Tom's passport has been a nightmare. And we are supposed to leave for Mum and Dad's on Monday morning, but at the moment, unless a miracle happens, we're not going...

And so my prayer has been that if we're meant to go, that God will supernaturally fast-track the application so that the passport arrives on Saturday. Then we will most definitely go. Otherwise, we'll be here for the duration of the spring holidays. And it'll be fine. Really. I had thought going away was the right thing, but it would seem that after all... maybe it's not. Watch this space!

In other news, Sam was off school yesterday. And he's still off school today. Two more days to go before the end of term!!! How fast did that go?! I want him to make it to the end. He'll definitely be in tomorrow. What will the rest of today bring I wonder? I would like to go to Bodyvive this morning, even though I feel a little rough. I want to make the most of Ben going to creche while the other 2 are safely parked at school ;) Is that wrong??

Must stop here.
Pick up my Bible.
Put on my Armour, for another day...


  1. Doesn't sound wrong at all...sounds entirely sensible.

    Hope the passport arrives.

  2. Thank you :) I am suitably reassured.

    I don't reckon the passport WILL arrive. But that's ok! Cos it's just life...


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