Sunday, 6 April 2008

Generous Snow...

The last time I wrote about crazy weather was on July 20th, when pretty much the whole of our area was flooded. Well. It would seem today is another one of those days when things have been thrown out of kilter. While the last couple of days have been extremely spring-like in temperature and fragrance, we woke this morning to 5 inches of snow and the biggest snow-storm I have ever witnessed since I've lived here... Needless to say the boys are extatic!! And Mark now at last has an excuse for owning and driving a 4x4!
More pictures to follow, no doubt!


  1. You had more thatn us although we did have a little. Ours has mostly gone now although just small patches linger on roofs or in gardens.

  2. That is JUST CRAZY!!!

    Lovely pics though!


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