Monday, 31 March 2008

The fragrance of spring

At last: the clocks have gone forward, and "British Summer Time"is here!! I don't know why but each year it just amazes and excites me to realise how much difference one extra hour of daylight makes :)
It is such a relief to hear the birds releasing their songs at the first hint of dawn, and right up until the sun has set, no longer hindered by the threat of the cold. It is so good to be able to head out without a coat on, even despite the constant risk of heavy showers! The temperature is rising, the trees are looking less and less bare, and, as with each year around this time, the air is fragrant with promise and hope. Boy do I love this season!!!

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  1. Interesting...I never knew that other countries did the time change thing. I always thought our "daylight savings time" was just a weird American invention. :o)

    Spring is fun, but it's trying hard to hide from us. We're getting the rain that signals it's about time, but it's still awfully cold! I'm hoping for some sunshine and warmer temps soon.


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