Thursday, 27 March 2008

My Life in a Nutshell - March

Thought I'd give another little glimpse of what my daily life is like and how I feel at random times throughout my days and weeks! I hope this doesn't come across as too self-absorbed or self-centered. The word 'Rachel' seems to feature rather a lot!! And as you can see, I am very up and down...always have been; guess being a woman has that effect on me.

As you can also see, I'm having a break from Facebook for a while, as it has become a bit of an addiction, and almost a thing I turn to for comfort, or to alleviate boredom (yes, I know: 'boredom'?!?! How can I be bored?? Truth is it's more weariness than anything; weary of "the same old same old") - instead of turning to God. Anyway, without further ado, here are some more 'status stories'...

February 28
Rachel is wondering why her 2 1/2 year old throws a tantrum every time he's presented with a pair of trousers which isn't denim.
February 29
Rachel is confused about some of her thoughts... Going crazy too
March 1
Rachel is NOT crazy. But she is hungry. Which in itself is an improvement! God is so so so good...!!!

March 3
Rachel has a really bad sore throat - this thing just won't go away!!
March 4
Rachel is human, and that feels great, today!!

Rachel had her hair cut and feels fabulous.
March 6
Rachel is wondering whether Ben might be growing out of his naps.

Rachel has unbelievably achy legs and can hardly walk down the stairs. Blame it on the squats...!!
March 7
Rachel is fighting with a label.

Rachel is still ridiculously achy. Is that even normal?!?
Rachel is going mad trying to think where Ben's teddy might have got hidden.
March 8
Rachel is relieved teddy was found safe and sound - if a little sodden...

Rachel has garlic breath. Yeuch...
Rachel is worried about the neighbours.
Rachel is gutted that she hasn't lost more weight :( Oh well... it's all worth it anyway!!
March 9
Rachel is going down for breakfast. Not addicted to Facebook. Not at all.
Rachel is learning the meaning of sacrificing one's will for God...and it hurts.
March 10
Rachel is not sleeping despite the Horlicks - and has puffy eyes

Rachel is tired now. And sleepy. And fed up with the rain and the wind and the crap weather. And just fed up. Rachel is just weary.
Rachel needs an early night. Last night was a very short night's sleep. Things always seem brighter in the morning. Don't they?
March 11
Rachel is enjoying some peace and quiet at home...

March 13
Rachel is so so sleepy and it's not yet 9:30 in the morning...
Rachel is setting herself up on Etsy...
March 14
Rachel is wondering why Ben is crying.

Rachel realises now that Ben wanted to play - and to eat, but that's no surprise. (Incidentally, is it really March?!?)
March 15
Rachel is off to have some pre-Easter fun with the kids.
Rachel is getting an earli-ish night. Yippee!!

March 16
Rachel has booked her Speedferries tickets!! Spring holidays might not be so dire after all...

March 17
Rachel NEEDS to - no, WANTS to - no, would LOVE to crawl back into bed...

Rachel loves tea.
March 19
Rachel is wearing earplugs today.

Rachel wants spring to start properly, for crying out loud!!!
Rachel has tired eyes.
Rachel is disappointed
March 20
Rachel looking forward to a good night's sleep.

March 21
Rachel is wondering what to do with 3 boisterous boys and one sleepy one on a cold, blustery day such as today... Any ideas?

Rachel now has a programme for this afternoon: brisk walk in the wind, then a practice easter-egg hunt...!!
March 22
Rachel wants to understand the cross better.

March 24
Rachel feels overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting and life in general, and wishes there was more fun to be had.
Rachel is eating profiteroles: all is well with the world after all!!
Rachel is so relieved...!!
Rachel is having home made bread and lemon curd (also HM) for lunch - Sarah's idea; I'll blame the expansion of the muffin-top on her then ;0)
Rachel is listening to Mute Math at 8:20 in the morning. yes it really IS that good!!
Rachel is totally sick of Facebook and is gonna have a break for a while.

Update: my break from Facebook didn't really last long enough, to my shame!! I'm now back, after a week end off.


  1. LOL @ the 'sick of facebook' comment....

    I get like that sometimes....

  2. Andy: I'm back on now... I just got fed up for a couple of days. Need balance like in everything I guess!! What's your profile link?

  3. Profile link is Andrew McConnochie or you can find me as I think I'm on the Trinity group...


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