Monday, 25 February 2008

Too bizarrre. Totally pointless. But quite funny??...

Erm. Have a look at this. Just for a laugh. C'mon, you know you want to. Then have a laugh at yourself too... Just in case you're bored you understand... Innit.


  1. Lovin' it. Innit man. Wickid!

  2. Yeah. But like i said, not so sure bout da kat picz :-@
    In fact I wish I could get rid of 'em!!

  3. Yeah, I know wot ur sayin, like.

    Well, kinda fellin bettah, but still not happy, like.
    An' I wud change your blog in my blogroll, right, only then i'd 'af to put it somewhere else, innit, and then i wudn't find it, like, so well, or nuffink.

    Hope ur gettin where I'm coming from, tho? Alright?!

  4. Debz. Oi. I ain't got da foggiest wot ur on about, bu' ur krackin me up, like. Innit.

  5. Well ya see, it's like this. Innit. The blogroll's in alphabetical order, right. An' if I gotta chage the name from Mrs Wibbz and all that to Going Deeper then it's gotta go in a different place in the blogroll. And then when I click on the link it won't even there there or nuffinck.

  6. Huh??? uv lost me, like. Oh well den, jus' leave it innit??

  7. I will change the link, but it will have to go in a different place in the list (cos my blogroll is alphabetical) and it may take me a few times to get used to it's new position in the list!

    Glad I gave you a laugh! I'm feeling better (mentally) today, and for the physical stuff I'm going to the doctors this afternoon.


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