Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My Life in a Nutshell - February

An interesting little insight into my daily thoughts over the last month or so, courtesy of Facebook... Anyone out there as addicted as I am??
(NB: Please scroll down for WW!)
January 8
Rachel is so used to starting her profile updates with 'is' that she can't even make up any other kind of sentence anymore!! That's brainwashing for you

Rachel has been overdoing it and is suffering from a migraine :o(
January 10
Rachel has no more migraine and so is off exercising again!!
January 18
Rachel has just heard an almighty crash coming from Ben's bedroom - and is wondering whether to go & investigate.
January 21
Rachel isn't feeling so great today.
January 22
Rachel has just come back from a step class and a walk in the countryside.
January 25
Rachel loves that Sam has got so into Star Wars!!
January 26
Rachel feels sleepy, oh so sleepy. And would like some cake.
January 29
Rachel is getting baptised on Sunday!!!!! Yippeeeee!!
January 31
Rachel can't wait to get baptised, but is really quite nervous.
February 4
Rachel loves God and is in awe of His love for her!!

Rachel needs to get some sleep. Quick. Rachel is still up for crying out loud!!
February 6
Rachel is bursting with energy and joy, in spite of having just endured the mother of all migraines. It's pretty much over now, but an early night is in order.
February 7
Rachel feels totally wrecked and is about to go up for a nap.

Rachel is wondering when Ben might go to sleep and also how long it'll take to sort out the washing this time.
February 11
Rachel is delighted with her new iPod shuffle - but it's SO tiny she fears it might get lost too easily!
February 14
Rachel is feeling yukky: bunged up, fed up with the kids, and wanting to hide under a duvet for the next 24 hours.
February 15
Rachel needs to get the vacuum out but really can't be bothered
February 16
Rachel is eating blood oranges like there's no tomorrow.
February 17
Rachel was really hoping the blood oranges would help but right now there's no chance they would even stay in there long enough to have an effect on her immune system.
February 18
Rachel has made it through the first morning of the first day of half term.
February 19
Rachel is having a lovely day and having lots of 'me' time thanks to lovely Miss Wright.

Rachel is gonna watch a freaky programme about a little girl with 8 limbs.
February 22
Rachel is looking forward to meeting Debs - at last. But first to the gym for a bit of a kick up the backside.
February 23
Rachel does not like Saturdays at home.

Rachel is coughing and hoping it's not tonsilitis.
February 24
Rachel can't even sing right now, but if she could she would sound pretty darn sexy; there's got to be some perks to having a sore throat!
February 25
Rachel longing for the kids to be in bed, for a little workout at the gym and then a nice glass of red wine.

Rachel is having a fit of the giggles. Because of Debz. Innit.
Rachel is feeling awful, in every way.
Rachel has been awake for the last hour and a half. Rubbish. (NB: it was 5.01 am!)

Rachel feels a bit more human this morning, enough to go running for a bit. Gotta make the most of that sun!
Rachel is hungry but really doesn't feel like eating anything. Any suggestions?!?!??

Rachel feels loved.


  1. I don't do facebook (I'm too busy for a new obsession, and I think it would become just that...), but I think the record you have here is really cool. It's a perfect insight into your month! How was the baptism?

  2. Rachel! I just joined Facebook a couple of weeks ago because so many people from my church are on there. I love reading status updates and post mine pretty regularly too. Let me go see if I can find you so I can make you a "friend". :)

    I'm finding it steals a good deal of free time from me, though, always checking in there. But it has enabled me to connect a little more, too. Mixed bag, it is.

  3. Arg... I can't find you. I'm not sure I'm using the friend finder correctly... I'm still kind of trying to figure things out over there. Can you find me? My last name is Kujak.

  4. Cecily - I'd love you to be on Facebook... You can do as much or as little as you want on there! It's good fun, that's for sure!! Please join?

  5. Miriam - I found you!! Friend Finder is rubbish. I've tried using it before, with no success. The best way that I've found of finding someone is to just type their name in the search box at the top of your page (top left). So so glad you're on there!!

  6. Oh man, I don't even want to look at my February facebook statuses\stati (whatever the plural of status is).
    This has been one rollercoaster of a month.Here's looking forward to March!


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