Monday, 25 February 2008

Excellent blogs

A new blogging-friend, who incidentally is a fellow Brit, has awarded me this award. Thanks Maddy!!

I have to say that in typical Brit fashion, I find it really hard to accept compliments, and instead am so quick to come up with pathetic comments such as, "my, I really don't deserve this!", or,"Excellent?? Where on earth do you see excellence here??" - and all the while, I am secretly, and rather hypocritically thinking,"why, I quite agree, I think my blog's really good! Well, I like it anyway... I've been wondering when I would get awarded one of these..." - Isn't that awful?? Do you think like that?? Or is it just me??

Anyway I know many many bloggers out there who are at least as deserving as me to receive this award. So here goes...

Miriam, it's about time someone gave you some recognition for this amazing and indeed excellent blog of yours... Living Fragrance is a beautiful, sweet, restful place to visit; it's full of gentleness and grace, stunningly 'arty' photos, and its author is a mother of 4 whose humility and love reflect the heart of God in an exceptional way and inspire me time after time.

Elise is another one of these godly women whose thoughts never fail to bring me back to what really matters; her use of language is incredibly skilled and every post is beautiful and poetic, yet so so real! I love the way you share you heart, dear friend, and your grace and gentleness are ministering to many who read your blog.

Ellen's blog is another one of those soothing places; it is beautiful both visually and in content and I always come away from a visit there feeling uplifted and better about the world and myself!

Cecily at My Chaos My Bliss is the most amazing story-teller, and the unashamedly hilarious accounts of her daily adventures and mishaps have had me in stiches many many times... Do pay her a visit for a big dose of perspective, especially if you think your day can't get any worse!!

Finally, you have GOT to go visit Braska Bear. This is one special little person, and she will melt your heart. This post in particular made me chuckle, and I was still chuckling long after I'd finished reading it!

So. That's it. For now... There are so many more excellent blogs out there. But part of the fun of blogging is discovering them for yourself. So go on, take a little stroll through the blogosphere; then share what you find. And E.N.J.O.Y...!!


  1. Why thank you so much for this award Mrs. Wibbs! I appreciate it and your kind words. Have a wonderful week!!

  2. Thanks, Rachel!!! How nice that is! I'm sitting in a waiting room at the eye center at Children's, and it's been a long day of dr visits, so this is a great pick-me-up!! And Braska says thanks too.

  3. You minister to me, Miss Rachel!

    Thank you for your kind words... it is amazing to love someone from so far away, whom I've never even met...

    Hug your kiddos for me! :)

  4. Oh Rachel, thank you so very much... this is such a kind gift! And I'm glad you received the award - it is very deserved. Love to you!


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