Sunday, 24 February 2008


Lovely Debs came to visit us on Friday!! Here's to prove it...We had a fantastic time together, and the boys had such fun showing off to someone new. There is something really special about meeting someone who you've already 'met' online, and who you know you 'click' with. We bypassed all the chit-chat and spent all day conversing like old friends. Considering I hate chit-chat, I am so grateful for that :) It was a great priviledge, Debs, and I look forward to spending more time with you - you know where we are...
There are so many of you out there that I'd love to meet in person too, and I am hoping to 'tour' the US one day, to visit each and every one of you!! So brace yourselves ;)
But meanwhile, please share your stories of meeting other bloggers, it would be so good to hear what it was like for you. For Debs and I, it was so much fun, and felt like the most normal thing in the world.


  1. Hi de ho there! Pop on over when you have a free nano second and collect your award.

  2. I've have the privilege of meeting several blogges in person for the last few months, and I have to say it's been fantastic. I know that even if the blogs that started those friendships don't continue, that the friendships will.

    There's something amazing about 'knowing' someone before you even meet them, but I like it :-)
    I had a great time with you, and I'll definitely be back sometime soon!

  3. Also, I know I was there and everything, but are you sure that's me in those photos?! Wow, I can't get used to looking like that!

  4. Yes. Get used to it girlie!! You're looking fabulous!! And it IS you. Deal with it ;)


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