Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Constant Sunshine...

...has a new post! My Thomas is 'talking' about his new bedroom! And I, meanwhile, am going to bed to count some sheep.


  1. And what will you be doing to the new room? Redesigning Nora's now too. The old baby border just is not cutting it anymore. We are going for huge retro pink daisy paper.

    I've missed reading blogs lately (so busy with medical junk), but want to thank you for your sweet comments on mine. Love to all of you! Blessings too!

  2. It's even better reading that now I've met Thomas in person :-)

    (Just been looking at your links, and I don't think that the link to my blog is right - if you click on 'It's my Life' it takes you to the blog which is above it in the list.)

  3. Debs - thanks for pointing that out, link is now fully operational! Sorry bout that...


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