Thursday, 17 January 2008

Love and Hate meme

I have been tagged with this Love and Hate Meme. Thank you to 'the Teach'... :o) I'll do my best!!

I love to eat: most things. I LOVE to eat!!
I hate to eat: anything weird. And cauliflower (but I will force myself to cook and eat it - only severely disguised).

I love to go: to a tiny little corner of France called Morgat, in Brittany. Also anywhere remote and beautiful (as long as it's safe...) on my own!
I hate to go: shopping - for food, mainly. But any kind of shopping stresses me right out.

I love it when: my kids give me cuddles; my husband gives me cuddles
I love it when I have all the time in the world
I hate it when: hubby farts in bed... I have to rush. Also when the kids are poorly :o(

I love to see: an awesome open view from the top of a hill on a glorious summer's day
I hate to see: labels on things. I've a compulsive label destroyer.

I love to hear: birdsong in spring. It is really the sweetest, most heavenly sound. Oh - along with a baby's giggles! And a toddler's first songs
I hate to hear: the stupid ugly little tune my stupid yellow microwave plays when its time's up. Why they don't have a 'try me' button on a microwave before you buy it is beyond me...

And now it's time for me to tag some more people:
Debs (it's been a while, surely??)
April (please forgive me...)
Hoggstar (if you can bear it!)
and B (but she'll never do it. Surprise me!!!)


  1. Oh how nice of you to tag me with a brief meme! This one's actually easy.

    And I love your answers.

  2. Michelle - please consider yourself tagged too :o)!!

  3. I'll get right on mine as well. And, thanks for helping my dear friend!

  4. This was a fun meme- I actually like this one!

    My toddler has just started singing and it is the sweetest sound!

    I've added you to the Blogaholics Anonymous blogroll. Welcome to the club!

    Livin' With Me

  5. I saw you tagged me, I will do it, just wanna blog some stuff about my weekend away first - well I can still remember it!
    Maybe later in the week? :-)

  6. LOL! I have to agree with your lined out hate! LOL you got me laughing good on that one!

  7. Have I lost my mind or is the comment link missing on the two most recent posts?? I feel silly!

  8. what a nice blog!
    And i notice that you have bless with pretty kids. keep up the good work.
    feel free to visit my blog if you havr time!


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