Saturday, 26 January 2008


Silly me. I don't know what happened; I certainly didn't intend to disallow comments on the previous 2 posts. Either Blogger is playing tricks on me or some little night-time blogging fairy has been changing the settings on my blog! Still, whatever happened, comments are now back on and are always welcome!! In fact, PLEASE PLEASE do leave me comments, even if I'm not very good at getting back to people, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate them... I know some of you prefer to 'lurk', and that's fine too, seeing as I am a 'lurker' sometimes too ;o)


  1. I think night-time blogging fairies DO mess with things sometimes!!

  2. That's funny... I was just thinking today that I was going to write a little post about comments.

  3. Miriam - great minds think alike!!

  4. hiya there, I SOOOO love that new picture of the little girl blowing the flower !!! where do you get them ???
    Had a lovely celebration of my mum's 60th yesterday. It was a lovely day.
    I hope this finds you well,

  5. emsy - Hello me love!!
    There's a great site called stock.xchg (have a look on my blogrool for the link - click on the button in the right-hand side column of the blog which has 2 hands holding each other) where you can find some wonderful photos and use them royalty-free.
    Are you coming to visit soon??
    Love you both xxx

  6. RK - Darn those annoying little night-time fairies!! Blogging ones are not the only ones around our house :o(
    They wreak havoc with what would normally be described as an orderly home.
    Oh well
    They'll move out one day ** she says hopefully **


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