Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Blogiversary (better late than never!)...and a Happy New Year!

About this time last year I decided jogging blogging might be a good occupation for me - and so I wrote my first post. Little did I know what a journey 'it' was going to take me on!
I have been challenged, stretched, inspired, encouraged, comforted and have made quite a few friends in the process. Truly, I'm very grateful for the internet :o) - I never thought I'd say that a year ago...!!
It has been a marvellous adventure so far and I know it is far from being over. I'm excited to discover who I'm going to meet, what I'm going to learn, what the Lord is going to do next.

And so here's to the next year:

2008 is indeed here and this comes with all my thanks and my very warmest wishes and blessings to you, friends, for 365 very happy, joy-filled, Spirit-filled days.


  1. happy new year! and happy anniversary, you've been an equal inspiration too :)

  2. This blogosphere is sweeter with you in it - I, for one, am so thankful you are around, friend! You bless.

  3. Happy new year, Rachel, and happy blogiversary, too! It has been a sweet joy to get to know you here. May the new year be filled with all the best for you and your dear family. Love!


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