Monday, 17 December 2007

Elves of Baughurst

Any of you out there know this??
Have a look at what my 4 boys look like as elves.
Suits them rather, methinks... ;D
Go on! Have a giggle on me! You know you want to!!


  1. I love it, Rachel... I had actually put a link on my blog of my husband and I as elves, but my husband was so embarrassed he asked me to delete the post! :) Oh well....

  2. Oh...what a shame! How about you post it with just you as an elf??? ;o) That would be such fun!!

  3. I love the not-so-happy elf!

  4. Here you go, friend... just for you! (LOL)

  5. Thanks Miriam that was hilarious!! Just for me though??? (LOL indeed!!) There are some good things on the web ;)


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