Friday, 26 October 2007

Thomas in hospital

We have had a bit of a traumatic time of it recently. This is Thomas's story - I don't have the energy or time to retell it again here, so a link to his blog will have to do!

In between this incident and Tom's little 'to-do', we had to make another 999 call last thursday afternoon (18th Oct): Ben woke from a nap seemingly a little limp and groggy and with a ginormous nose bleed... It was very scary to see him covered in blood but the paramedics were wonderfully reassuring and he was totally fine! Although thank God Mark went to him when he did, as it could have been a lot worse had Ben been left. But the horror of not even a month ago was relived for a few brief moments, and we had to do a lot of surrendering that night in order to be able to go to sleep at all.

"Lord my times are in your hands. My kids' days are numbered in your book of life and not one of these will be cut short until You have decided. We are yours. My kids are Your gift to me, and I wish to surrender them back to You, Sovereign Almighty God."


  1. You've had a lot going on! You are in my prayers and I hope good health is soon to follow.

  2. Oh, Wibbs, I'm so sorry he's having such a hard time! I hate to hear any kid is sick, but he's such a sweetie I'm even sadder (and I don't even really know him!).

    Keep us updated.

    Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way.

  3. I've been thinking about you guys a lot the last few days. I hope everything is at least better.

    Hugs to Thomas (and his mom and dad).


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