Monday, 29 October 2007

Maybe winter's not such a bad thing...?

The clocks have gone back on Sunday morning, heralding the start of winter-time... The reality is that from now on it's going to be getting colder and darker with every passing day. For us here in the UK, in a couple of weeks' time - or maybe less - it'll be night time by about 16.30. Just to give you an idea. That's hard going :o(

And so there is a kind of battle going on inside my head, around about this time every year. It goes something like this: "Man, I hate winter with a passion! It's so depressing! How on earth am I going to make it through another one?? I'll not be able to go out in the garden for the next 4 months!! I can't stand it being cold and dark!" Yet I know winter is necessary in order for rebirth to take place in spring - And thus I proceed to rebuke myself: "I'm so silly! I have to 'get through' it! I WILL get through it. It'll be fine! It's actually healthy and important and it'll do me good; I'm going to stay positive and not spend the next 4 months in hibernation, eating chocolate and mash potato and being miserable, making everyone miserable around me..."

Is that familiar to anyone out there?? Or is it just me??

And yet God had a plan all along when He invented winter. He came up with it so that His creation could have a break. Winter is good. It's tough but it's SO good. Why couldn't I see that more clearly? This is where I am so grateful that there are some others around me who can see what I cannot and whose wisdom contributes to shaping my understanding, with the Holy Spirit's help... My attitude has taken a bit of a battering after reading these amazing words full of wisdom, beauty and grace, written by Tonia over at 'study in brown':

"The barrenness of the maple tree in winter is not a cruel joke. It
is nature's way of protecting the tree from the killing frost; closing its doors
and windows to keep the heat inside and the tree alive.
We can trust Him that He knows what He is doing...even when it seems the winds are blowing every bit of beauty from our lives. Hold on. Keep trusting.
He knows what He is doing."

So maybe it's time for me to surrender to winter, and to let God clear out the rubbish, ready for the next season. And to allow Him to show me that there is purpose. In everything.


  1. Ah, you are so much better than I am! When the days get shorter, I am, deep inside me, a little relieved because it's easier to get kids to go to bed.

    I also live for the winter holidays, so even though autumn is my favorite, I love what comes with winter. I don't love the driving, the days of dark or the bitter cold, but I love Christmas, my kids' birthdays and the first snow.

    Glad to read your posts again Wibbs!

  2. I must admit, I love winter... I like bundling up in warm clothes, and I love hot chocolate by a warm fire. I even like snow, as long as I don't have to drive far in it. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my faves, too, so that helps.

    But I must also say that this is the best analogy of God's purpose for winter...and it is a great reminder of his allowing the "winter" that I'm living through as well. I just KNOW that spring will be around the corner soon! And things will be more beautiful than ever!

  3. thanks rachel, i'm not winter's biggest fan for pretty much the same reasons.

    i'm learning though to spot some of the beauty of the season, how bare trees look so beautiful against the sky, how seeing your breath is so cool reminder that i am alive, those amazing cold clear mornings, the faint hope of snow, the delight of my warm duvet, lighting a real fire at night...


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