Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The Toddlers' World of Words: what is normal??

My Health Visitor, who has known us for 7 years, and whose judgement I respect and trust, has today informed me that a child of 2 and a half should have a bank of around 200 words and be stringing at least 3 words together in a sentence...
Which is NO WAY near what my Benji is doing!
He has quite a few words, and will say things like "Mummy nose" - but nothing much more eloquent.

Should I be worried? Is there cause for concern here?
Is there something wrong with this child too?

I mean, what is the norm these days??

I really, truly, honestly don't know anymore. Right now, I feel confused, and a little upset...
Your (honest) answers would be extremely valuable to me. I need reassurance, but I also need to know where to go for help if help is needed!


  1. Some kids just like to take their time. Perhaps with being the youngest, you are so busy that you're not hearing everything he has to say. Perhaps he just doesn't want to talk to the health visitor.

    Do you read together? Read a favorite book every day so that he memorizes it. As you read, pause at certain familiar words, and have the little guy fill in the blanks. My daughter used to love to do that. Her favorite was "The Night Before Christmas". Let me tell you, it might be May, and she had to read this book. OVER and OVER!!!

    Don't worry too much. He is young yet. :-) Play word games, sing, read, and LOVE.

    Hang in there, Mommy!!!

  2. You really should not let this worry you. All children are different (don't they say that Einstein didn't talk until he was like 5). My advise to you is to have as much dialog with him throughout the day as possible. Talk to him without the baby talk and ask him questions. Then be patient as he struggles to express himself. If, after a while, you still thing there's cause for concern then there are schools that teach speech therapy to toddlers - but please save that as a last resort.
    That's just my opinion based on expiriences with my nieces and nephew and just plain common sense.

  3. I don't have any children, as you know, so not sure how helpful I can be on this one. But just really wanted to send you lots of love and prayers. Our internet has been down for the past week or so, so I've only just got the chance to read and catch up with what's been happening with you.
    God Bless xx

  4. Goodness, I think all kids are different! My kid brother had such a speech problem that he didn't speak much at all til he was three (and even then it was a struggle), and he's absolutley, hands down one of the most intelligent people I know. Also one of the nicest. I wouldn't stress. But I know that's easy to say...

    By the way, YES, fish fingers is a much more poetic way of saying it. Because of an English show on the Disney Channel (Charlie and Lola--we love it) Gracie calls them that with an English accent I'm sure you'd giggle at!

  5. I catch myself watching C&L by myself sometimes. I think it's adorable. Gracie is kind of Lola-ish. Maybe that's why I like it so much.

    You should just e-mail me'll be easier. My address is You know, when you get the chance!

  6. Well, my second born was nowhere near that at that age either - and he talks up a storm, now! I think every child is different, and he's gonna knock your socks off one of these days with a whole sentence!
    Especially when they are second and subsequent born, there are others to talk for them, so they don't even try as soon as some would. That was my experience - I echo the others - hang in there!

  7. You've received good advice here! I wouldn't worry..just keep moving forward with patience. I tend to think mommies have an inner sense of what is going on with their children, and it sounds like your "sense" is that he's fine. I'd take this before the Lord, pray for Him to show you anything you need to be concerned about and keep doing what you are doing. Kids are SOOO different from one another! I have two kids that read expertly by 5 (one taught herself at 4) and one that is 8 and can just now read. He takes his own sweet time! :) Maybe you have one of those too.


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