Friday, 21 September 2007

Pray for us?

Ben had an accident yesterday...
Mark found him hanging from the blind cord in his bedroom and he was completely lifeless. We immediately called the emergency services and he had to be rushed into hospital by ambulance - although Mark had managed to ressucitate him very quickly first.

They kept him in for observation the whole day as his eating and drinking needed to be monitored, and he had to be watched for any changes in behaviour, any swelling, etc. He perked up very very fast and was soon running around the ward and wreaking havoc everywhere! He is now totally back to normal, for which we praise God.

We, on the other hand, are not back to normal, yet. It may take us a little while to process and digest what was a very 'close call'. As you can imagine it was quite a trauma as we really thought he was dead! We are trying to recover slowly today and come to terms with what happened; Mark has taken today (Friday) off and we're taking it easy.

Please dear friends, pray for us after this awful incident.
* We are very shaky and upset.
* Our son Samuel was the one who raised the alarm when he heard Ben scream in an unusual way. He is a sensitive and sharp little guy, who takes everything in and is easily affected by situations.
* We are now having to rethink about the whole safety aspect of our home, which we thought WAS safe until yesterday! We need wisdom for that.
* Pray for peace and protection. I am absolutely terrified of losing one of my children...
* Praise God with us, that He decided it wasn't yet time for Him to take Ben home with Him, and that Ben is alive and (very) well!!!


  1. Oh my goodness... thank God he is ok! I can't imagine your horror..I'm just tingling reading your post. We will be praying for his recovery, little Sam, and for you and Mark to have some peace.

  2. Oh my! That just gave me chills. How scary!! I'm so glad that he is recovering and I pray for peace and healing for all of you!

  3. Praise God he is ok!
    Yes, I will be praying, I know that was a horrible situation!! I'm just so thankful he is fine!!

  4. Hi Rach, praying for all of you and you're own recovery.

  5. Oh Rachel! I'm so glad he is alright... and am praying for you and Mark. Grace to you, friend.

  6. Oh, I am so thankful with you! Your heart - oh, you must have been terrified. I am so glad for your relationship with God - to lean on Him through crises like these!

    I think I may need to take a look around our little place now for safety...

    I will add you and your family to my prayers, friend.


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