Thursday, 6 September 2007

Passion 2007 - From The Inside Out

I have recently discovered this amazing song and wanted to share it here. Both the lyrics and music (tune, guitar riffs, male vocals, etc) send shivers down my spine, I only wish I was able to find the version I have on the Soul Survivor 2006 CD, sung by Ben Cantelon, which really is the best in my opinion. Failing that, Chris Tomlin will be a more than adequate replacememt!


  1. Great song. I'm surprised I hadn't heard that one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OWOA stands for 'One Weigh or Another' which is a weight loss site that I'm a part of and so is Blest. (There's a link to it on my sidebar).
    I wrote a post over at OWOA with a link to my post about going to Texas, so all the OWOA people came over to read it. Hence the references on my blog. Does that help?!

  3. yes it's a great song, its certainly a fave at church for the last few months :)

  4. Rach, i LOVE that song... now ordering CD from amazon! x

  5. Hi Rach, absolutely love this song too and often find it leaves a big lump in my throat! I listened to it quite a bit in hospital but I agree - the SS version is better ;)
    George H. x


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