Thursday, 9 August 2007

How do you feel about me, God?

The Lord - my Friend, my Lover - knows me. He knows I love flowers. He knows receiving a bunch of flowers from my husband makes me feel precious and loved. And cherished. And treasured. Rightly or wrongly...

I have been asking Him recently to reveal to me how He feels about me - for many reasons, but mainly because I really want the truth of His abundant love for me to sink deep into my heart so that nothing in the world can shake the security I have in Him.

Today He spoke to me. I was visiting 'A Study in Brown', home to Tonia's beautiful, poetic musings... And this was what spoke to me. Please take a moment to have a read then come back over!

Beautiful isn't it??!

Roses really are my favourite flowers. To me they represent pure love, passion, tenderness,intimacy. Cliche or not. I know, I'm too much of a romantic!! But I'm also so grateful that God speaks to me through nature very very often. His awesome creation has power over my emotions, there's no denying it...and He knows that too :)

In our garden, we have a beautiful rose bush which yields the most exquisitely fragrant yellow blooms. Each year it gets a bit more beautiful, and I become a bit better at looking after it - although the only two things I do are to trim it once the blooming has stopped, and to faithfully dead-head the flowers when they are past their best! Despite many a hardy winter, as well as having all kinds of toys thrown at it, and just not really being cared for, this rose bush has not only survived but also thrived.

There are also lots of other types of blooms in the garden, so that from early spring through to about the end of September, there is a symphony of colours to awaken all of my senses...

Today God spoke to me of His passionate, tender, intimate and abundant love, through His gift of this beautiful yellow rose bush! God is so good. Do you see? He loves me so much that He provides me with roses and many other beautiful flowers for many months of the year (- and memories of them for the winter months, a promise of the new season to come)...

His love for me NEVER runs out.


  1. What an excellent way to portray a beautiful love.

  2. and during the winter there is always chocolate roses ;)

  3. What an eloquent post! Truly beautiful!

  4. RK, Michelle - thank you friends :o) Your comments mean so much...
    Paul - let's clarify for our friends across the water, I'm assuming you are refering to Cadbury's Roses?? In which case, yes, winter always calls for the comfort of these lovely yummy more-ish chocolates...!! Thank you for reminding me of this. Now I'm almost looking forward to winter ;o)


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