Monday, 9 July 2007

Whispered Thanks

OK. I wasn't going to do this for quite a few more months, but I feel now is the time. I would like to share my gift list with you all, and you are welcome to have a read if you're interested, bearing in mind that it is VERY MUCH a work-in-progress! My aim is to reach 1000 gifts, eventually..., maybe..., in about 10 years' time!!

I am publishing this in the hope that it will make me accountable to you who stop here occasionally (and to myself also) to add to my list more regularly than I have done in the past few days. This is not something I want to be legalistic about, but I am very aware that it is all too easy for me to find things to grumble about. Instead I want to "be transformed by the renewing of my mind"; I know the Holy Spirit is working in me, renewing the way I think, so that I see good where I might have seen bad, positive where I might have seen negative, beauty where I might have seen ugliness.

Welcome to this journey!!


  1. I love this idea, and I'm gonna try to follow your example and get mine together, too.

  2. Hi, Rachel! It was really neat to see your list, and I look forward to checking it out more in the days to come! It's true that it does reveal much about who we are, so it will great to learn more about you in this way!

    By the way, when I tried to look at your list today, the post seemed to be gone(?).

  3. RK - Looking forward to checking out yours, as and when you feel you'd like to share it.

    Miriam - sorry, I think what happened was when I last went to update it I didn't click on the publish button afterwards. It's up again now... :o) Must be careful from now on!


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