Saturday, 21 July 2007

In response to yesterday's floods

Our little corner of the UK was devastated by floods yesterday. Sam's schoolmates had to be evacuated out of the school by boat!! On the last day of the school year!

If you click on this link it should take you to the local radio station website, where there are many incredible pictures.[NB: You have to understand flooding in our part of England is exceptionally rare, in fact rain like this had not been seen for many decades ...]

What I didn't tell you yesterday was that I was going through my very own micro-storm: my Sam was extremely sick with acute tonsilitis, and it seemed that despite a high dose of penicilin he was getting worse and worse. I was a very anxious Mummy, believe me.

"But we are not powerless. From the beginning of the world, God designated naming rights to human beings. You too have naming power: the ability to speak into a situation to call forth life from that place. You have the power to refuse to be an Eeyore, who famously said “Tut tut, it looks like rain.” You have the power to refuse any doomsday-prophet syndromes. You can refuse the darkness and look for the pinprick of light, look for the good in a bad situation, choose to see God’s hand in rock hard times instead of turning your back on him."

I found this quote on Heather's blog this evening. I don't actually know WHO wrote it, but as I read it, and re-read it, it started to resonate more and more with what I shared in my last post...and with the comments some of you left too :)

Isn't it amazing how God speaks??! Heather is one of the most inspiring ladies I have come across recently; do visit her site if you haven't already. She was diagnosed with brain cancer a few months ago and is undergoing radiation and chemo as we speak. And in the midst of her darkness she still has the longing to bless others, to find something which will benefit those who need answers in times of need, to be a light in this world. She both puts me to shame, and spurs me on.

What is your immediate response in a time of crisis? What do you do with any Eeyore tendencies which might creep up on you? Also what do you say to those around you who struggle to see any 'pinprick of light' in a tough situation?? All questions which I ought to be asking myself daily... for there are many out there who don't even know Him, 'The Light of the World'.

PS: Mark and I laid hands on Sam last night as we were both getting quite worried, and we prayed over him. When we woke up this morning, the fever had left him completely and he was a totally different child!! He is still recovering, but the change in him was remarkably radical... Praise God, the ultimate Healer.


  1. I've been following the story on the radio...thinking about you. What crazy weather! I hope your town and homes recover quickly.

    Hang on! It WILL pass and things will dry out. He is so good to stay with us and lead us through the hard times.

  2. crazy weather but good to hear the boy is feeling better :)

  3. OH goodness my sweet blogging friend I have been off for a few days and just got back on today and you have dealt with so much. I have been uplifting and praying for you all in the flood. I am so glad your son is feeling better. Praise be to God.

    In his endless love,

    Angel ():)


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