Tuesday, 31 July 2007

A Family of Blogs!

I want to draw your attention to three blogs whose owners are 3 of my beloved Wibbs boys!

Mark's blog is here, although he is still quite 'blog-shy' (or too busy just being Mr Wibbs) to bother to update it regularly. Worth a visit though, as I am planning to do my "level best" to get him blogging properly!! And I'm sure he could do with some expert blogging tips.

Samuel's "footballing blogger" is a good little tool for him to practise his typing skills, and to try and identify feelings and important things going on in his life...

As for Thomas, our "constant sunshine", I would like to use it as a kind of way to journal his progress, and mark important moments in his development. Then maybe one day he will hopefully be ready to start contributing to it himself...

Do take a look - and tell us what you think!


  1. I have officialy checked them all out, and I approve. :o) Great job to all!

  2. I love all three bloggs not all u ned is one for ben but I am shure that will be hard to keep up with lol! I will keep on checking them out regually.
    love clair x


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