Friday, 20 July 2007

Crazy crazy weather...

I took these about 15 minutes ago...

My garden is FLOODING as we speak!!!
I've never known rain like this. It's like a monsoon. In the UK. What's going on!?Quite frankly, nothing in me likes this weather. Do you think it should?
Please, if you have any helpful wisdom on how to be thankful for what's happening outside today, then leave a comment. Any comment would be nice; I need to know there's still a world out there...


  1. It's been raining here in Oregon, too...too much for summer, but nothing like your monsoon!

    Have you guys had a dry season at all? or is this the melted polar ice caps descending on you all? :)

    ~How to be thankful for too much rain...hmmm. We just watched "Pollyanna" (have you read/seen that?) and we could play the "glad game": YOu could be glad that you know that rain will stop *sometime*, God promised never to flood the whole earth again. :)

    Hang on! And wear your galoshes!

  2. Oh no! Your lovely garden... I'm so sorry. :(

    I honestly thought of Pollyanna's "glad game" also - a worthy pastime when all looks dark, I agree!

    I don't think that we need to *like* the storms in our lives, per se. That would be just a little crazy, wouldn't it? Especially when they bring destruction. Perhaps the only thing in to be thankful for in some things is that there will surely be an end to the troubles... that is His promise, friend. I guess Tonia alluded to that also.

    You know Matt Redman's song that goes, "Oh no, you never let go!...There will be an end to these troubles..."? (I'm not sure of the title.) We sing that song in church often these days and at times my heart rails against it. It just feels so foolish: does anyone really understand how long I've been waiting to see light at the end of the tunnel? (So go my thoughts...) But yes, God does, and we must be determined to praise Him and express hope in His promises no matter what. "Pollyannas" sometimes look completely foolish, but it is worth it to stay sweet in our hearts - toward God, and toward others. :) And so, we'll keep praising Him, yes?

    Oh, that's a small book I've written - sorry about that. But, your monsoon there got my thoughts stirring.

    Hope the sun comes out soon, and that your garden will thrive again. :)

  3. It rained a lot here in Connecticut yesterday too. A tornado actually touched down about 1 hour from here too!

    I hope the rain didn't hurt your lovely garden too much!

  4. Tonia - We had an amazing spell of beautiful hot summer weather in April...but NOTHING since :(
    My first thought after posting this was precisely of Pollyanna, which I have both read and seen, and delighted in! Maybe the Lord is trying to speak??
    But thank you also for the reminder of God's rainbow-promise to us...You have managed to inspire hope in me, once again!!

    Miriam - my garden will recover, I'm sure. It has survived many bleak winters and was, not all that long ago, turned into a building site when we did all the work on the house!! The amazing thing with our garden is that, even though most of the time all we do to it is mow the grass, it seems more beautiful with every passing year.
    You are so right that after each storm the sunshine invariably ends up coming out. We just have to patiently endure until there is an end to our troubles. And yes I know and love that Matt Redman song! We haven't sung it at church much yet but I would like it if we did so more :)

    Well... I hadn't thought of our monsoon from that perspective until now, and actually I feel reassured - for a different reason. Tonight my little Sam is very sick with acute tonsilitis, and I am struggling to care for him, and to see light at the end of the tunnel. He just seems to be getting worse instead of better, even on antibiotics!!
    But through your wise words I am reminded once again that we will get through this!!

    Jessica - A tornado???!? WOW!!! Now I feel a bit pathetic ;) Did you get any damage yourself?
    I really don't get this bizarre weather... Seriously, is it worth even asking "what's going on?" any more???

  5. Ps: Miriam - now who's written a book?!?!
    (sorry, never meant to ramble on for this long...)

  6. Mrs Wibbs,

    We have had lots of rain here also . Your garden is lovely so sorry it is getting soaked. My husband has to work the weekend but had today off so we have been rushing around here with appointments etc. so please forgive the lateness of getting back to you. I put a special lovely dinner in the oven and we have eaten and now are going to the park before dusk. Enjoy your weekend.

    Thank you so much for your visit the other day and sweet comments they mean so much to me. I will get back to everyone by this weekend I hope. Thank you for putting me on your blog roll . I will do the same hope you don't mind. It will be so nice to visit with each other .

    Smiles and Blessings,

    Angel ( Angel Mama )

  7. Oh my GOODNESS. Please send some rain our way. 100 and so very humid, but alas, not a drop in the forecast.

    So sorry about your garden!


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