Monday, 23 July 2007

corners of my home

It's a while since I posted the last 'corner of my home' picture and felt it was high time I opened up my home to you all again!
These are pictures of our stairway, taken from the upstairs toilet........ which is where you get the most interesting angle (!!!). I just love all the lines and colours, and the fact that you get a view of both floors from there. I also love the warmth of the wood, and the feel of it underfoot, which is why we also have bare floorboards in all the upstairs bedrooms. The picture in the frame is an local african form of stencil-art, and was given to us by some friends who were missionaries in Chad; I am always humbled by the simple beauty of this picture and find it adds to the general feel of that corner of my home.


  1. You are right, it is a cozy spot. I have to do this again, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a cozy home . Thanks so much for sharing . I will share some corners of my world soon.


    Angel ():)

  3. Andrea and Angel - I'd love to see some more corners of your homes, your worlds...That would be so good, as it brings us closer, somehow.

  4. We took up our stair carpet over a year ago because we were decroating. unfortunatley we got stuck. I was thinking we would eventually carpet again but now having seemyour wood fele inspired. maybe we will just keep it bare but smotthed and varnished of course. Yours looks so great. I love wood too. Just the state of our floors leaves a lttle to be desired. I might be a big job. Well I can dream.


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