Saturday, 14 July 2007

Another year...

13 July 1996 was the beginning of a wonderful adventure, and yesterday marked the start of our twelth year of married life! Our celebration was simple, sweet, intimate and typical: no cards, but some stunning flowers bought by Mr Wibbs on his way to collect a delicious Thai take away meal... A bottle of wine and a cosy chat on the sofa, and an early night was all that was needed. Thanks be to God, life with Mark is full of richness, laughter, delight and challenge!!


  1. Happy anniversary!! Your celebration sounds sweet and wonderful. And now I'm hungry for some Thai food (yum!).


  2. Happy Anniversary!
    You are wonderful couple and such a blessing to so many people!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Those are beautiful flowers!
    (I'm a bit jealous...)

  4. Thank you for all your wishes,all you lovely people :) RK, I hope you get some lovely flowers coming your way v v soon. Believe me I don't get them THAT often!!!

  5. Oh Mrs Wibbs Happy Anniversary to you . Those are lovely flowers.

    Angel ( Angel Mama ) ():)

  6. a belated congrats to you both :)

    Debs and I had 10 yrs this month - we skipped off to the Ille de Re without the boys - it was a great long weekend together :)


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