Thursday, 7 June 2007

Random blogging thoughts - 6 months on from when it began...

Life is so good at the moment. Yet it is all too busy, and this is reflected in my lack of writing over the last few weeks... I have so much to say, and so little time to say it in!

I am really aware that recently I have relied heavily on Wordless Wednesday to tell the various stories of my daily life and the feelings they induce: my ever-growing delight in my gorgeous family; my joy and renewed hope at the arrival of spring; my longings for peace, space, solitude, warmth, and some time away from it all.

And running through it all the constant reminders of my Saviour's unfailing love and grace! His gentle, intimate, reassuring whispers: "I am with you", "I will NEVER leave you", "you are my beloved", "you are lovely and I delight in you."


I would love to be able to spend more time writing and sharing with you who read, and myself (odd though that may sound) what the Lord is teaching me, how He is growing me, and how I am impacting others with my life, as there is much to tell - although I wish there was way more!! My only niggling anxiety is that my writing isn't really up to scratch and my 'waffle' will give a very poor rendition of what I'm trying to say...

May I ask those of you who write deep and helpful things, whether you spend a lot of time thinking, praying, and writing drafts first of what you would like to share? (Or does it all come out as the 'final edition', warts and all?) And also: how do you who homeschool, find the time, the energy and the wherewithal, to post such amazing, godly and inspiring thoughts? And how do your kids let you get away with it?! How do you manage to get any uninterrupted time during the day when you can just 'ponder'? (These are honest, real questions, which I would love answers to please!! I would greatly value any thoughts and advice as I feel I have so much to learn...)

I would so like to aspire to go deeper in my thinking, and for that to be of some benefit to - well, anyone! But most of the time my brain seems to be on 'autopilot' / 'survival mode' and any great thoughts that come to me, are usually also gone again all too fleetingly!!

But I suppose this is "me", take it or leave it. I want to grow, change, develop, but not become someone I'm not. So, mostly, I am going to continue to do my best here, to be real, and speak truth, and share God's love and hope as I experience them in my life, and observe them in those around me. Anything more/ better than that will be up to Him, ultimately.


  1. hi rach, i wouldn't worry too much on sounding deep, just being honest and using your own words is amazingly awesome and very inspiring...

    I often have an idea buzzin in the back of my mind, sometimes i write it on a piece of paper to remind me and let it brew in my mind until it feel ready and ripe to write.

    Also i try no to write fully formed to but to think this is where my thoughts and reflections have got me, what questions are there, what would i love others to help me with etc.

    Now if only facebook would stop distracting me :)

  2. Hi, Rachel...I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer this one...I have many of the same feelings as you do regarding my writing and level of thought (and I haven't been *writing* many posts lately either), but I have a few thoughts:

    I agree with Paul, that what you express in honesty is such a powerful gift to others. Some bloggers are quite poetic and eloquent and that is really cool, but sometimes I think that a conversational tone is much easier to relate to, and you do that really, really well. And, might I add, to quote Austin: "you judge yourself too meanly." Your posts often reveal a real depth of insight and relationship with the Lord. I have been so blessed to read your writings.

    As for my writing process (when it happens), I sort of write things in my mind thoughout the daily business - I get much too caught up in my thoughts sometimes. It often takes quite a while for me to pull my them together in a written form - I'm real slow at processing. But, I'll work on a post in snatches, saving it as a draft as I go. Usally I blog at night, after the kids are in bed, sometimes at naptime.

    Now, here's a little secret about homeschooling, lest you be too impressed. I can see why you think it would be crazy busy, but in some ways it makes for a much simpler life with more wide-open spaces of time. Less running around, no homework in the evenings. My sister-in-law attests to how her life slowed down a great deal after she started homeschooling her kids...but all that's a whole seperate topic... Just please don't picture homeschoolers as wonder moms. :)

    Just be blessed in your expressing friend - it is a gift! I'm glad that things are going so well for you these days, and I look forward to reading more about it as you have the time.

    Sorry this got so rambly!

  3. Did you hear me saying that you are quite eloquent at times, too? You are. :) And there's an quiet eloquence that comes through the pictures, also. I love what you said about using them to express things in your life...

  4. Paul, cheers!! I have to say Facebook is at least partly to blame for my lack of inspiration lately, and I have just chastised myself...
    Apart from that thank you for your helpful thoughts, here and also at 'one for the road', which I do visit, believe it or not, even though I am one of the 'lurkers' these days!!

  5. Miriam...I am so grateful for your lovely, reassuring and positive words!!
    You are right, that I am often too hard on myself. Something I am slowly discovering at the moment, is that God meant me to be how - and who - I am. But I still have a loooong way to go, and struggle with doubts that I am really OK. So to hear you say such encouraging things is such a boost.
    Also thanks for 'setting the record straight' for me re. homeschooling!! Now you put it that way I can totally see the appeal :) I still do think it is an awesome thing to do, but I know wouldn't last more than one day at it myself, and I therefore still take my hat off to you for doing it!!
    Btw, you are a great inspiration and blessing to me, and your blog is a beautiful, peaceful and fragrant place :) and it reflects a real strength of character; I likewise look forward to more inspiring thoughts, as and when you find the time and the energy to share...
    God bless you my friend


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