Tuesday, 15 May 2007

A simple birthday

Friday May 11 was my 33rd birthday.

I have had many wonderful birthday celebrations over the years, but this year was wonderful in its simplicity. In many ways it was just a very ordinary day, yet right throughout I was continually reminded, in small and subtle ways, of how much I am loved and blessed.

I met with some very lovely, close, dear friends in the morning, and one had brought a chocolate cake for us to share (girls have to have their chocolate don't they?! any excuse will do). So we sat chatting for a couple of hours, eating cake, drinking tea, and watching the children play.

It was raining by the time Samuel got back from school. The kids were on fine form and decided they wanted to go outside; they got very wet, and I was surprisingly unphased by it! It was just such fun watching them splashing around and laughing at how soaked they were, and I thought: what better present, than to be given the opportunity to just watch my kids play and enjoy the simple things of life, without feeling like it matters?!!

Mark bought fish and chips for tea and I had made a sumptiously gooey chocolate cake for pudding! Throughout supper Sam kept carefully and enthusiastically wrapping random little objects with plain white paper - and copious amounts of sticky tape - which he then excitedly presented to me, hopefully looking into my face for confirmation that I was pleased with my presents...: a pink pencil, a purple child's toothbrush, a badge with my name on it, and a small teddy with a red ribbon round its neck. I hoped my delight was obvious to him.

...Don't you think kids' gifts to their mamas are among the most precious???

My one and only request was for a kitchen blowtorch, which I received the following day, and I am greatly looking forward to experimenting with it in the very near future
So here you have it: my simple birthday for this year. It was perfect. And today, four days later, I am still floating on cloud nine!!!

Who says it has to be expensive, abundant, and extravagant to be amazing?! I think I will stick with Miriam's quote for the day: "Lord, teach us to live simply, so that others may simply live."


  1. So glad you had a blessed day...it sounds delightful! Happy birthday, friend!

  2. happy birthday belated!!!!! I look forward to hearing about your adventures in welding..! :)

  3. Oh Happy belated BDay . I love your kitchen blow torch. How cool.

    Angel Mama ( Pearls of Wisdom)

  4. thank you for your birthday wishes, one an' all!! Just adds to the blessing...

  5. HAppy Birthday!
    A delightful day. Thanks for sharing.

  6. VERY happy, very late birthday!! I haven't read for a while, so I'm catching up!


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