Monday, 23 April 2007

For 'Living Fragrance'...

(What's happened to your site? I can't get in anymore!?!?! Everytime I try to it's asking for a username and password, which obviously I do not have :( Don't know how else to get hold of you, please forgive me for posting in this way...You could email me if you like as I think my email is on my profile. Take care my friend )


  1. Rachel, I'm sorry about's open again! I was messing around with the settings on my blog, then went out of town. I didn't mean to leave it like that for long! Wow...I feel kind of special...I've never had a whole blog post directed at me. ;)

  2. hehe...!! Lol! That's quite funny :) At least I'm reassured that I haven't somehow done something naughty and been banned from your site for ever ;)......
    (T'would be nice to have your email address at some point anyway, if you would be happy to do that?)


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