Saturday, 28 April 2007

Enjoying Ben...

Mark has gone away to Devon for the week-end again, taking Samuel and Thomas with him, which means I have Ben all to myself!! I feel so privileged to be able to spend some quality time with this lovely child of mine, especially as this doesn't happen all too often. But I get the feeling he also is enjoying having me all to himself!
He is such a positive, energetic, dynamic little guy, full of the joys of life, eager to discover and explore every detail around him. An incredible tonic for a sometimes disillusioned and tired Mummy.
This afternoon after naps, we went for a little walk together: first to the swings, then through the woods and the playing field, and finally back home; and all the time, Ben was racing ahead, pointing to things, picking up sticks and leaves - and litter (!!), me running behind trying to keep up... Then he speedily ate his dinner before going out to play in the garden: on the trampoline, the climbing frame, his digger, the sand, the climbing frame, and back and forth, still rushing around ... until, exhausted, he finally caved in and demanded to sit in front of the TV for a while!!
He is now tucked up in bed, hugging his teddy, sucking his thumb, and probably dreaming of doing more of the same tomorrow... And I feel blessed, fulfilled, and looking forward to enjoying Ben some more, tomorrow.

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