Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Easter in France

Here are a few photos of our little 5-day trip to Mum and Dad's lovely little patch of France.
We left on Wednesday and returned on Easter Monday... It really was a lovely time away.

We spent most of our time in the garden, as the weather was perfectly "splendid"!! Here we have the three boys enjoying a picnic lunch together...

Thomas got bored and walked off, and then there were two:
Then Samuel decided he'd had enough too, and Ben remained, continuing to savour the exquisite baguette and its filling:
Mrs and Mr Wibbs watching the spectacle that is 'feeding time at the zoo'...!!
First real opportunities to sit in the sun and top up my Vit D supplies which were pretty much on empty, I reckon. Unbeknown to me, a lovely 'panda-eye' effect was developping all along...to my dismay - and pride!!
...Nice profile, handsome man, he's the daddy, the one and only Mr Wibbs!

Waiting for Daddy to finish packing the car - in Mum and Dad's sitting room, which is one of my favourite places, ever.
Mark's new car, in front of the 'Chateau de Chantilly'
Thomas in 7th heaven, as he thinks he has found a secret sand-pit: "taad! Cook, Daad, taaad!!"
Mummy and Samuel sitting 'a table', feeling very ready for bed. This was a gathering of our family and Florence's, to celebrate Mark (my little brother) becoming engaged to her...It was wonderfully informal and intimate, with just Mum and Dad, us siblings plus the kids, and Flo's parents, grandparents, and siblings and kids...
'Angels', late at night... Poor little Tom struggled to settle in a new environment and got disturbed all the time, which didn't help. Mark, was definately the worse for wear after the party, and as for Samuel, well he would have partied all night!! (Bring on the teenage years, that's what I'm thinking - er, not)

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  1. wow. when you post pictures, you really post pictures. I think the ones of Tom in the mud are the cutest. And what on earth was Mark on in that party pic?
    Now I know why you came back so tanned!
    It all looks lovely.
    See you tomorrow xx


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