Wednesday, 14 March 2007


I am blown away by God's goodness...
Just 'because'...
(Do I need a reason??)

Through the exhaustion and weakness of the last few weeks, I have been granted little glimpses of God's glory and strength, and I just want to testify to that. It helps, of course, that today, the sun is shining in a spotless bright blue sky... And I feel loved, cared for, special. My heart is lifted, and for now I can truly say I know how it feels to 'soar on eagle's wings'! Thank you my Lord!
(more later)


  1. Hi Mrs. Wibbz!
    Thank you for stopping by, you have a very sweet place, here. I will definitely be back to read your thoughts. :)

  2. that would be nice :) you will be most welcome! See you soon.

  3. Heya!
    I've just been reading Samuel's blog and all about eating two bananas. I remembered a conversation he and I had (at half term maybe?) about why he needed to eat his fruit and veg and why it was good for him. Do you think he'd appreciate a little poster or something about which nutrients are in which foods and how they help to body to funtcion?
    It was good to see you yesterday!
    Helibear xxxx

  4. thanks helen that would be lovely.
    nice to see you too xx

  5. Rachel,
    I'm so glad for the grace that God has given you to get through. Blue skies do help, don't they? We had two days this week of sunny, warm weather - just when I was needing it. :)


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