Thursday, 8 March 2007

beautiful, thought-provoking, life-speaking words

death and thinks life,
losing and thinks winning,
tragedy and thinks opportunity,
brokenness and thinks humility,
accidents and thinks purpose,
coincidence and thinks destiny,
despair and thinks hope,
poverty and thinks wealth,
wealth and thinks poverty,
failure and thinks success,
the seen and thinks about the unseen,
history and thinks God's story,
science and thinks God's laws,
psychology and thinks Christ's wisdom,
anthropology and thinks God's image,
astronomy and thinks God's heavens,
the human body and thinks God's dwelling place,
war and thinks man's rebellion,
the cross and thinks everything made new,
truth and thinks Jesus
(this is taken out of the Purpose Driven Life devotional for today)
I am challenged....


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. It is becoming abundantly clear to me that whilst tragedy occurs, whilst bad things happen, whilst circumstances are difficult, that we have 2 choices. To dwell on our hurt or to look beyond and see God's purpose being played out. Its absolutely right and appropriate to address things, to allow God's healing to take place but in doing so, we grow, we mature and we experience more of God. I am so grateful to have such wonderful Godly friends who have helped me to acknowledge and deal with and yet look beyond. I am constantly being reminded by the Holy Spirit to lift my eyes up, to raise them heavenward, to see God's plan to turn bad for good. Thank you dear friend for being part of that process. And for never letting me "get away with it!".

  2. Em, thank you :)
    I am so thrilled and priviledged and honoured to be allowed to be part of the healing process you're going through at the moment. You are a blessing to me, and you are one of these godly women. We are good for each other, and I thank God for you...

  3. interesting, i can see why some followers of Christ would think some of those things, some of the time.

    For me at the mo i'd say, that I look at...

    death and hopes there might be life,
    losing and thinks gaining,
    tragedy and thinks sadness,
    brokenness and thinks humility,
    accidents and thinks crap happens,
    coincidence and thinks maybe,
    despair and thinks help,
    poverty and thinks justice,
    wealth and thinks giving,
    failure and thinks how can i help,
    the seen and sometimes thinks wow,
    history and thinks maybe after 2000 yrs we should try to practice radical reconciling revolutionary redemptive kingdom of God,
    science and thinks gratefully about anyone who seeks,
    psychology and thinks there are deeper stories and shadows in us all,
    anthropology and thinks God's image,
    astronomy and thinks God's wild creative excess,
    the human body and thinks God's desire for us to experience full humanity,
    war and thinks our enimies are not each other but the darkness that wars within us and the unfair power systems/structures the war against us,
    the cross and thinks love, suffering, service as the way to embrace and heal a hurting world,
    Liberation and thinks Jesus

  4. Wow, this is good. Thanks for sharing it. I like Paul's thoughts, too.

  5. Paul, hey you!! I have been lurking over at your place, but have had no time to read anything properly, let alone write any response which would be worthy of being 'published'...Sorry, and thank you for not giving up on me :)
    I really like what you've taken the time to write here, it's so much more real and honest!!Although for me, I sometimes need to set ridiculously high standards for myself or I know I would very quickly and all too easily end up as a very complacent, lazy lady...

  6. No worries Rach, lurking is fine - sometimes its all we have time to do -although i am sure that anything you write would be worthy - its often for me not about the profoundness or orginiality of the thought but about the journey shared...

    For the poem i think the original version would be my best text book answer, it's the right words and it encouraged me to have that as an aspiration - i guess i have quite a few limitations and some slightly different answers - i appreciated the thinking of ok what would i say, how does that inspire me, where am i being transformed etc.

    That's one of the things i love about blogs, it's space tothink outloud, share and invite people to share what they think so we can all grow together...


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