Wednesday, 7 February 2007


Those of you who know us know that as well as Thomas who has Down's Syndrome, we have Samuel who also has 'special needs'. He has a well-known, very common condition called ADHD, which was only diagnosed a couple of months ago, although I've known ever since he was a small toddler that all was not as it should be with our firstborn! Since his diagnosis Mark and I have been attending a fairly intensive parenting programme every Tuesday night, and so far, the results have been pretty astonishing!!
And I just wanted to share something that has just happened, an example of some small changes we are witnessing in Samuel's behaviour, to testify that a) it is good and worthwhile to invest time in doing a parenting course, and that b) the Lord is working, he cares and he is intimately involved in the whole parenting process. To Him be the Glory!!
I had been feeling really irritable and quite fed up, since I picked Sam up from school this afternoon. I was getting far too easily wound up by the slightest little thing. I spent a lot of time baking with Sam, enthusiastically reading books with the 3 of them, cooking their dinner, cleaning the kitchen (or vaguely trying to create a semblance of order therein), and constantly monitoring Benji who is into literally E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G... Then supervising 'feeding time at the zoo', with the 3 whining one after the other that they didn't want this, didn't like that, wanted this, couldn't eat that,... all the while shouting and making random, irritating noises, continually.
You get the picture.
Then out of nowhere, completely unprompted, Samuel said: "I love you mummy"!!
And then, a bit later he said: "Thank you for a really nice meal, I enjoyed that"... !!!!!
He has never, ever, ever thanked me for anything like this before!!!!
And my heart just went 'ziiingggg'!! In one instant, all the irritation of the past 2 hours melted away. I actuallty felt quite choked up... Moments such as this are to be treasured; this one will certainly go down in Wibberley history as a landmark event. And for it I am truly thankful.


  1. I'm so excited for you. What a breakthrough. It is wonderful to have your dedication and commitment acknowledged by your children isn't it? I'm cheering for you! xxxx Of course we see constantly what a wonderful mummy you are to your 3 little ones, but to hear it from their own!

  2. Awesome!!! What a precious memory to keep. I'll be praying for your continued dealings with your beautiful boys.

  3. Oooh, I love it. Parenting can be SO hard, but it truly is those special moments that keep you going.

  4. thank you all you lovely ladies...It truly was amazing; and also seemingly out of character, but I know my little boy too well, and have always had the assurance that he is a loving, sensitive, gorgeous child! But for a split-second, I can really say I got a little glimpse of heaven! Is that over-the-top??

  5. hey. that is soooooooooo sweeet i am so glad that the parnting classes are helping and i am tyring my very best to b patient with him 2. I have noticed some Grate ressults aswell!!
    I love sam(and all the boys) to bits and it is grate we r getting along!
    love clar

  6. yay that's really fantastic! :_D

  7. I somehow missed this post until now, but hey, that's fantastic :-)

  8. heh that is cool - it's those lil moments of beauty/fun/cuteness that Debs and I always remember in the evening - even when its been a stressful day with the boys its like, man i could have cheerfully strangled Nathan but then...

    i reckon its in built survival skills like that which allow children to survive to adulthood and not be strangled in their beds by their parents - or even vice versa ;)

    Parenting course looks cool - debs and I did one when we were struggling with Nathan's biting phase - was really helpful for us, mostly to find out that we weren't really that bad as parents [popular to some of the gossip we got to hear about :(]and that every child has problems at some point as does every parent - there really is no such thing as a perfect child :)


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