Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Life...in all its fullness

While I don't want to write a post just for the sake of it, I am aware that I haven't posted for a while and so, because I love my Blog, love writing about my life, love journalling, here is a little bit of a summary of what has been going on in the Wibberley household over the last few days...and some photos, of course!! Incidentally, my little Sam is also blogging and you can find him here. Enjoy, the cute factor is quite high...;)
About a couple of week-ends ago we treated ourselves to a delightful day trip to the Isle of Wight, with some very special friends from church (Chris, Em, David, Hannah and Matthew, the lovely Russell family!) The next few photos are fairly self-explanatory, apart from the ones of my dear husband, for which I take no responsibility...he really ought to give you his own take on the special brand of "nuttiness" on display here, maybe in his own blog one day (hint hint...)?!?! It's only fair, after all.

The next couple of pictures show Daddy and Samuel in deep bonding, over an old computer which was taken apart screw by screw with much enthusiasm by the two eccentrics.

Thomas has been successfully transfered from cot to bed, as you can see. This is another one of those milestone-events in our family history, which will one day in the not too distant future be followed by successful toilet training...

And finally, possibly some of the cutest photos I've ever taken of Thomas, with glasses on. The fact that I succeeded in capturing him with them on is actually a real feat in itself, and so I wanted to post them here, just to prove that he does in fact occasionally wear them!! (contrary to popular belief...)

There. I do apologise for such an overload of family pics, but really, I'm here just to say: "isn't life great??!!"
We do find it a drag sometimes, but the good times more than make up for all the tough stuff. And, in the midst of it all, all I can do is confess that my God is Good.


  1. wow, I heard rumours he had glasses. they look very smart. glad the bed is going well too.
    those pics are totally adorable!
    glad to see your two eldest having such fun with that computer. and nice to see you've finally added another post. between you and em, i was starting to wonder if the rest of the world had gone silent.
    anywayz, see you tomorrow.
    love you lots!

  2. about time too!! very cute pictures. Life is busy and full with 3 isn't it? I totally am loving being a family of 5 but I do wish there were at least 30 hours in a day!!

    what fun we have :-)

  3. Those are such great pics. I'm glad you guys had a lovely weekend. A good reminder to me today that God is good.

  4. thank you, you guys...
    Oooh I do love my boys, all four of them ;)
    I realise that I seem to be writing more about Sam and Tom than Ben, so I want to rectify this as soon as possible, as our destroyer-boy needs at least one post all to himself :)
    So - Watch this space...

  5. Hey, family photos are great any day!
    I don't have my own (kids) but all I seem to have posted lately is pics of the little one (I look after) :-)
    Maybe there'll be a meatier post sometime, but if not I can definitely promise more pictures!


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