Saturday, 20 January 2007

Word Cloud

I was scouring Miriam's blog this morning (I'd greatly recommend anyone to go do the same btw as it makes for a pretty good uplifting read!) and found this weird-but-cool site that takes random words out of your website or blog and creates a 'word cloud'... Pretty isn't it?!?! The internet is full of wonderful quirky little surprises! Well - I like it anyway.


  1. It's great. I've done it for my blog too :-)

  2. yes it is, so sweet.
    I like yours too btw...

  3. Love it...I feel like doing a new one to see how mine's changed. I think it's neat how it gives a quick snapshot of the blog content.

  4. Oh, yes...and thanks for the kind link!

  5. I have to confess to tweaking mine a little bit though, and replacing some of the words it picked out for some other ones, still from the blog, but which were maybe more representative or positive...I'm a cheat I know!!
    Yes it'd be interesting to see what your one looks like a few months down the line - give it a try!

  6. ah the wonders of the web... v cool ;)


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