Friday, 19 January 2007

Week End in Devon!

Well if there was ever a time for me to feel 'wobbly', 'tis now...God is putting my trust in Him to the test once more; I've been through this before, but every time it gets worse!
It was my idea too...
Mark has just set off for Devon, with Sam and Tom in the back. It's about 3 hours in the car, so they will not get there until around 11 o'clock-ish. I decided to stay behind as I find it unsettling going away for such a short period of time, and I'm happier at home, also Ben is still young enough for me to be able to justify not rocking his precarious routines...wimp that I am.
But I have to confess I shed a few tears as I waved them off; I hate goodbyes! And saying goodbye to my most precious ones, well I can't stand it. It takes me over the edge slightly and I'm ashamed to say I let my imagination go into overdrive.
So again tonight I am reminded of how desperately weak and pathetic I can be sometimes, and that it's harder to 'do' something than to 'say' it. (see previous post...!!)
It is a real exercise of the will, to trust and to fear only God. I must keep going back to his promises: He cares for me. His plans for my life are good, they are to prosper me and not to harm me. He is steadfast, He is my Shield, He is my Rock and my Salvation and I WILL put my hope in Him.


  1. ...silly silly me.
    They phoned, twice, and were having the best of times, gorgeing on McD's and listening to Level 42 (talk about the mice dancing when the cats' away) - while little Tom snored away, oblivious to all the fun being had by Daddy and Sam! And they reached Mark's parents at 10.15. So, I am suitably reassured (although they've still got to get back. But I'll worry about that tomorrow...)!!

  2. Good to hear they had a good time. I hope you did too :-)
    Say hello to my family at church (if you read this before you go!)

  3. I hope you have some good quiet and refreshment while they are gone too. Do you relish quiet time like I do? :)

  4. man what a trip, wish i'd been invited now, lol

  5. ...or does the thought of Level 42 all the way there and back get your juices flowing?


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