Friday, 26 January 2007

Tom's hair...

Mean Mummy that I am, I get to cut my children's hair every so often - or actually as little as I can possibly get away with!
Well, there are certain things in Thomas' world that are rather challenging, as he has Down's Syndrome...And having his hair cut is easily the most challenging, traumatic experience that he has to go through on a reasonably regular basis.
On a trauma scale of 0-10, 10 being highly traumatic for all parties involved, haircutting is, in fact, way off the scale!
But Today was The Day.
There was no way round it.
We'd reached an 'impasse' and the Hair was going to have to get cut.
So I gently prepared Thomas, stripped him down, laid the kitchen vinyl table-cloth on the lounge floor, and presented him with a bowl of little chocolates...
Big Mistake...
Tom, being a bright, clever child, has now sussed that whenever he gets chocolates 'en masse', there is usually some kind of sneaky trickery going on. And before I could make any significant impact on his fine blond strands of hair while his hands were supposedly busy shoving chocolates in his mouth, he had gobbled them all up, and his little hands were free to fight me. And boy was he ready for a fight!!
The Scissors were clearly not going to cut it...
Desperate times calling for desperate measures, I had to move up a gear, especially seeing as it was nearly time for the afternoon school run.
And so I reluctantly got my 'clippers' out, pinned the poor little thing down and, in spite of his screams of protest, proceeded to give my baby a proper big boy's haircut...
It was jolly hard work, and I did wonder whether I was going to have to give up, leaving Thomas with part long-hair, part chopped. But, look: I made it!
I had hesitated to get this drastic for a while, wanting to preserve the 'cute' look for as long as possible; but I actually think that Tom might look even more cute now.
However I know I'm biased when it comes to judging my kids' cuteness, and so thought I'd post some before and after pictures, just so you can judge for yourself.
What do you reckon?!?? Gorgeous - or what???


  1. Adorable is the only word to describe him!...

  2. he's gorgeous. and im sure i'll get used to the new hair.

  3. What a beautiful boy. Good job on the cut!

  4. S and M: thank you, I quite agree!!
    HH: what, it's not that bad, is it?!?! There are a few whispy bits here and there that I need to sort out when he's in a deep sleep but the new hair is just the old hair, only a little shorter ;)


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