Monday, 15 January 2007

That's Family Life!

From youngest: Ben pre haircut, (not) playing with marbles

Ben post haircut, just, and recovering in front of soothing Teletubbies...

(You mean, mean Mummy...)

Love affair with a Hat

"Daddy, you look a bit weird"...(and not quite so cute)

marbles...for the first time!!

Sam in awe of marbles: look, that's a big one...

I think Mark's lost his...hehe

Sam, thanks to Molly , is now forever obsessed with...

'Club Penguin'...!!

Annnd...: Sam is riding his bike AT LAST!!!!!


  1. What great photos. It's fun meeting your boys (little and big!). These will make great memories. I've had my blog for a year now, and sometimes I look back at it and think 'wow, did I really write that\take that picture\do that'. It seems a good way to capture the big events of life and the little ones too.

  2. hey thanks debs...! That's what I thought too. I'm a natural diarist so doing it online is really quite satisfying and I get to share my amazing family with all you lot :o)
    I just feel so grateful and blessed, even though it's jolly hard work at times.
    Thank you for dropping by. x

  3. I loved seeing all the great pictures! Your family is such a lovely crew. And by the way, I'm drooling over your sun room! :)

  4. yes I am blessed on both counts, family and home, but on many more as well I assure you!! The conservatory (aka sun room :-)) came with the house when we moved in 7 years ago and it pretty much sold it to us! That said, it gets really tropical in there in summer - but I'm not complaining...

    I've loved introducing my little guys to you :o)

  5. Where has all Ben's hair gone, he looks like such a little boy now, no longer the baby! Tom looks way cute in that hat...I'm sure he knows it too! Tell Sam I expect to se him riding his bike when I come over next!
    Well done on losing 2lb, I have less than no will power at the moment!
    Love Tonny


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