Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Squirrels, according to D. Crowder

I have just received through the post the new David Crowder Band album, 'A Collision', which is weird in places but mostly pretty awesome!

As I was scanning through the blurb on the last page of the sleeve, I came across this...
Yes, the guy is a complete - albeit holy - nutter!!
I just couldn't resist sharing it with you. Like it?!?!


  1. So glad you're enjoying the cd! I agree parts are wierd. I'm am most moved when I just read through the album cover without listening to the music...I think the songs have a beautiful, sensitive progression (but yes, the feel of the songs surprized me in some parts - quirky!). I haven't gotten the squirrel link to work yet...will keep at it. :)

  2. Yes, I love it, love it...!! I think it's one of those cd's that just grows and grows on you, like all DCB other albums really. And I agree, the lyrics are overwhelmingly moving, raw and passionate - aren't they??

    I have a confession to make to you Miriam: I also ordered the Watermark cd that you had as one of your favourites on your blog; I got it through this morning, and it's pretty much blown me away by its beauty...
    I don't usually like female voices very much - rather I tend to prefer men's voices, at least for lead vocals, but Christy has an AMAZING voice, so's just exquisite!

    So thank you for broadening my musical repertoire :)

  3. ps here is the URL for the squirrel link in case you don't get any joy getting there from this post: that works!

  4. Rachel, I LOVE that Watermark cd - I'm happy you like it too. I think my favorite song is "Mended". The line that says "...You've got all things suspended..." speaks so powerfully to me of God's sovereingty and redemption in the midst of our mistakes and sins. *sigh* He is SO good.

    Still haven't checked out the link. I think I have to download a program to be able to view it and just want to check it out with my hubby - my computer smarts fail me... :)

  5. Ha ha ha - that's hilarious. David also definately looks like our friend Drew.. Which is where the ledgend that it is Drew got the nickname 'Drew Crowder' for a while!!

    Good album too - best song is definately the track 'A Beautiful Collision'.

  6. Hey Sion - that doesn't surprise me, although our Drew is significantly more good-looking that the original 'Crowder'!!
    The album is awesome, but it's taking me a while to work through the whole thing, as it's quite meaty if you see what I I haven't got to that one yet. So far my favourite has to be 'wholly yours'. Gorgeous.


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