Thursday, 18 January 2007


I am sat at my computer this early afternoon, feeling really quite nervous.
It is so windy out there it feels my house could be blown over any minute...
Out in our garden, we have a couple of stunning mature Silver Birches, and they are swaying this way and that, threatening to uproot and cause quite a lot of damage in the process.
I hate, no - LOATHE, squally weather conditions!!
I am truly terrified.

But I also find myself in a strangely reflective mood.

God is at least a thousand times more powerful - in fact he is so much more powerful still, it's not actually quantifyable (is that a word? Yeah - it must be; I'm not clever enough to make up new words...At least not today.) nor sould it be. Suffice to say that his Power is infinitely more terrifying than the most horrific of hurricanes.

And yet, this awesome, huge God is MY God and he is crazy about me!!


The question is, do I fear My God as I should? Do I fear Him as much as I fear the gale that's blowing out in my back garden today?
If not is it because I do not see or expect enough of His Power at work in my life? Is it because I do not allow Him to demonstrate His Power in my life in a way that would cause me to fall more readily to my knees?

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"...
"Skilled living gets its start in the Fear-of-God, insight into life from knowing a Holy God.
It's through me, Lady Wisdom, that your life deepens, and the years of your life ripen.
Live wisely and wisdom will permeate your life" (The Message, Proverbs 9)

Yes this has to be my prayer, this is the cry of my heart for today: 'God teach me to fear you; I want to be wiser, more intimate with you...I want to have my eyes opened to your power, to what you are doing in my life and in other people's lives around me.'


  1. 'Tis windy here too!
    I so share your thoughts, we get so good at focusing on our loving and graceful God that we gloss over his Almighty power at times, it is right that we should stand in fearful awe of Him...
    Love Tonny

  2. thank you rach

    scared or sacred is the Q that your post brings to my mind..?

    with God i find that fear more as in awe as is awesome as in so much more than anything I can imagine or understand... so it's not really a scared fear more a revelation of how much more sacred God is...

  3. So good, Rachel...I am learning and longing to trust God more too!

    Funny, I looked at this post several times before commenting, and I thought it was entitled "Sacred"!

    I finally posted my meme answers this morning... :)

  4. ...Maybe it should be renamed? How about 'sacred fear'?
    I like the play on words, Paul and Miriam!! I hadn't even thought about it; that's why this whole blogging thing is really good for me as it's challenging me to think deeper, to think further...

    Anyway, please forgive me, I have another 'cute' question: what is a...'meme'???
    I see that word all over US blogs and it's really bugging me!

  5. Rachel, I had the first question about memes when I started blogging. :) I'm not sure how to give a proper definition, but I think it's just anything that states information about a given subject...? I think if you look it up on Merriam-Wbsters Online dictionary it has something to say.

  6. ah Rach, you need to discover the wonderful world of wiki...

    here's what a meme is...

    and i like sacred fear... i think that captures it beautifully, so ty!


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