Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Parenting job description

mmm... 'Mum-of-three goes on strike'...: like the sound/thought of that sometimes.
However, I'm told that unfortunately that's not an option! Check out the link - I think 'free hugs for life' make it all worthwhile, really!! - HONEST
I write this on the last day of our Christmas break, and am eagerly anticipating the return of SCHOOL in all its glory. It's blowing a gale out there today, and I am trying to entertain my little ones as best I can indoors - or out when the opportunity arises, in between showers and gusts of cold northeasterly wind.
Hope the link works and takes you to the right place; if so, and if you happen to be a parent or in regular contact with parents and/or their kids, it should have you in stiches...If not, while i take no responsibilty for your disappointment, please do let me know where I've gone wrong (in terms of link-creation)!!
ps I think the link is in the title..


  1. The link is indeed in the tittle - and ah that wonderful reality of parenting - it throws up the selfish side of me into stark relief, it is never glamorous, often hard work, mostly under appreciated by society, especially mums who stay at home... and school holidays ending are definately highlight...

    then again there's those moments of magic which make all the crap seem worthwhile and we end marvelling about in the evenings rather than strangle em in their sleep...

    but then again we are off to enjoy Deb's christmas pressie of a weekend in a country cottage - without the boys - so let the good times roll...

    well that will be a lot of sleeping then, lol

  2. sounds idyllic, you lucky old things!! I'll try not to envy you at all, although somehow I think I might struggle. BTW:sleeping...??? Yeah right...lol

  3. heh there was lots of sleep, lol :)

  4. See, somehow, I don't believe the, er, "lots" bit...
    But I bet you had a Good time :-)
    Was it good being away from the kiddies??

  5. oh it rocked :) like the good ol selfish us days... ho hum sometimes i have to remember that God might be more concerned with my character growing than with me just having a good time...

    how about there was "a fair" amount of sleep??? :)

  6. mmm, know what you mean! My character has grown a hundred fold since becoming a mum...and I'm still having some good times!! However they don't often involve blissful marital time away, having a laugh together, or just quality time - although Italy was pretty awesome on both fronts.


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