Friday, 26 January 2007

new cards

No excuses I did warn you!!
This is a fairly new batch - there aren't very many because I've lost my momentum since I've started blogging, surprisingly.
The one at the very top is Miriam's Birthday card...
Happy birthday for the 28th if you're reading this, I made it especially for you ;) See I didn't forget!
The bottom ones are just random designs, just what I felt like at the time...


  1. Rachel! THANK YOU. It is lovely...and it's very special to me that you took the time to do such a thing. You are very gifted, by the way!

  2. It's my pleasure :)
    Please feel free to copy it and put it on your mantelpiece, or wherever it is you put your birthday cards in your home...!
    And - hope you had a good day.
    God bless xx


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