Friday, 12 January 2007

De-lurk or be warned...

I don't know if I should support this, because I'm not a bully by nature, but I kinda like the concept of 'de-lurking', although maybe I like the word itself even more ;-)
So if you're reading this, or any other portion of my humble blog for that matter, but have been secretive about it, now's your opportunity to come clean; I don't bite, honest!!
Husband, Mum, Dad, brothers, sisters-in-law, friends and fellow-bloggers, you all have a right to say something, anything, it's FINE, that's what you're supposed to do...
I love you all by the way.

Ps: am having trouble with my links, or rather: am useless with computers. Can anyone help?? How do I get a link to come up in the post body instead of the title??? I thought I had it sussed, but i have to confess that the internet has had the better of me, this time at least - but I am NOT defeated, I will battle on!
Anyway, as always, click on the title for the link, until further notice, lol -

Pps: ...and Debs, thank you for bringing 'lurkers' to my attention in the first place!! Hope you don't mind the link :o)


  1. Boo!

    There. I'm delurked!!

  2. The link is fine! The more people that read my blog the better ;-)
    I was thinking of putting you on my blog roll (the list of blog links on my site) if that's ok.
    I've been enjoying checking out your blog, so do keep posting!

  3. To get a link in the text just highlight a word, for example you could have done my name, and then click on the icon that looks like a chain. Type, or paste the address you want into the box that comes up and click ok. And then that word should be blue and underlined (when you're looking at it whilst still in the compose section). I think that makes sense!

  4. i knew there was a reason i used typepad ;)

    but then again i was already out of the closet :)

  5. Thanks, Debs, that's really helpful!
    And yes, by all means put me on your Bogroll (er, typo intended), but can you teach me how to set up my own too, while you're at it??

    Paul: HUH?!?!
    Now you're just pulling my leg, stop teasing me and tell me what you're on about: my ignorance has had the better of me, once again. What's typepad for and how do I get it if it's any use?

  6. Can I just say, you're so cute with your computer questions! :)I'm right there with you on learning blogging mysteries little by little.

    I can answer about's just another blog publishing company like Blogger. My blog is a Typepad blog also. Your friend must be hinting that Typepad is easier to use than Blogger.

  7. Miriam, hehe, Ok: I feel like such a dork...I have since discovered that you, along with thousands of others, use TypePad too.
    As for being cute, well - I would have thought clueless or thick was maybe a more accurate description, but I'll accept 'cute' and take it as a compliment.
    Thank you :o)

    I'm getting there, aren't I?? Slowly...
    And Thanks everyone for de-lurking who has de-lurked; although please do not feel under any pressure whatsoever if you'd rather remain anonymous.
    So. That's me done for the time being.

  8. i know I am so cruel... it's all personal preference at the end of the day...

    but clearly typepad does rock, lol, even if it has temp crash and looses all my formating for awhile :)


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