Friday, 5 January 2007


Our middle 4yr-old child, Thomas, has Down's Syndrome, as many of you know.

Tom is a ray of sunshine, and can charm for England! But Tom is also a pain in the backside, and many people don't see that side of him, apart from Yours Truly, and other v. close family and friends...

Anyway, Tom is a very fussy eater, and amongst other things has been (for the last 2 and 1/2 years) refusing to so much as look at a piece of fruit or veg, let alone touch it or handle it, or - God forbid - let it anywhere near his mouth...

So you can imagine my surprise, amazement and excitement when Tom, this morning, out of the blue, started helping me peel various clementines Benji had selected for his mid-morning snack!! I was bubbling inside, and praying "Lord it would be so amazing if he was to eat a segment! - Please Lord...!"

And guess what, the next thing I knew, he just shoved one right in.
And then another.
And then two more.
And then said "Gone. More, Mummy?"

Let me tell you: this is a major event in the Wibberley household...
Thomas has actually eaten Fruit!!!!!
Do you share in my joy and excitment??!!?


  1. Yay that's really cool!

  2. yup it is, I'm really chuffed!
    However this may just be a one off, and I might find that come tomorrow, he'll want nothing to do with the blimmin' thing...
    I'll keep you posted.

  3. That's really cool. I just saw your comment on Blest with Sons site. I work in a primary school with children who have special needs so I decided to come over and say hi.
    love Debs :-)

  4. Hi Debs, thanks for that. Do you know what, I was browsing through Blest with Sons and clicked on a link to your blog, and thought - mmm, she sounds like a nice person:-)so I have kinda met you before!!!
    Hope to hear from you again.
    Rachel x

  5. heh that rocks!!!!!!! so happy for you all :)

    nathan is a poster boy for post-modernism, between one day and the next we are never sure what he'll like... as he tells us "sometimes I do and sometimes I not..."

  6. Great news is it going...are the clementines still a hit?

  7. WAAAOOOOUUUU, ça c'est vraiment trop top méga cool !!! Les clémentines, le blog (je viens d'avoir l'adresse). C'est génial d'avoir des news comme ca !!


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