Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Cards, cards, cards...

Just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that I am a closet card-maker.
I kind of started about 2 1/2 years ago, and am secretly addicted. Card-making has truly unleashed the creative Mrs Wibbs and it has a habit of soothing me when I'm bubbling with stress and overdone by the sheer business of life. I can lose myself, become transported to some kind of weird parallel world where there is no law of gravity, no time constraints...(resulting in lateness at the school gate many a time, embarassingly...). Cringe not, it's a lot more 'fashionable' than you may think these days (as is knitting - incidentally) and I am totally unashamed of my delicious hobby. Even Chocolate comes only second after cardmaking; now that's saying something...Although I have to confess that some of my best ever card-making moments have been whilst heavily under the influence of chocolate!
SO; do you want to see some?
Here's a small selection, 'small' being the operative word...

NB:...since taking these very rubbish shots I have been introduced to the concept of Scanning (by hubby, to whom I must convey heartfelt thanks), so sincere apologies are due to all you people for not allowing you to peruse these cards in all their true unadulterated beauty.
Look out for the next 'cardmaking' post, as there most certainly will be more to come!


  1. Mrs Wibbz, these are wonderful! Especially the card with the drum kit!! WOW

    I unfortunately am a closet scrapbooker..... You are right, paper craft is addictive :)

    Wonderful to all of the Wobbly Wibbz family again. How big they have all become, except for Mum who has shrunk!
    Makes up for not seeing you in August. Lots of love B

  2. ...I may have shrunk, but not enough for my liking, in fact that is one of the only pictures which is slightly flattering and doesn't reveal my excess flab!! So I have just signed up to Weight Watchers as I need to lose about a stone; wish me luck :-)
    Good to hear from you my friend

  3. only a stone?????!!!! I need to loose 2, everyone is thinner than me, lol...

    oh liked the cards but am a converted fan of scrapbooking, it's the new cardmaking dontchaknow :)

  4. aaargh have you been brainwashed by yer lovely wifey??
    Haven't got the patience for scrapbooking meself, think I must have ADHD like my
    -yeah maybe it's 'only' a stone, but this is the fisrt time in my life that I've gone on a diet, and am finding it rather gruelling...and I'm STAAAAARVING, man!!!
    So please encourage me, how you doing?
    And here's what I really want to know: Is it WORTH it?
    Cos I think I've got a long way to go, and not sure I'm able to sustain not eating chocolate...

  5. well first up you'll want a good lil conversion free online utility to convert stones to pounds and Kg to pounds and stones to small pebbles... try

    how's it going - i'm hungry but i figure long term plan - so i am trying to exercise more and eat a little less and eat more of the healthy things rathet than those high in fat...

    but i am also trying to eat less chocolate rather than no chocolate - to have it as my reward for whatever target i've set myself - last week was going for a run - and to have a couple of squares rather than a whole bar :)

    is it worth it i guess is up to you really - i am mostly happy with having a belly but then i think its probably not a good idea for me in the long run being overweight, that i should take care of the old bod rather than keep over indulging it and more than that i recognise that Debs likes me more attractive when i am less porky... so i think to myself heh help myself thru short term pain to long term non-stop phoarrrnes...

    as you can see my goals are high and my motivation classical - more sex :)


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