Friday, 29 December 2006

Beautiful Brittany

The pictures below were taken by my Dad, one of the best amateur-photographers I know.
Douar-an-Avel is our wonderful family home, just a few miles outside of Morgat - a quaint little britton port and seaside resort where I have been going all my life. It truly is my very favourite place in the whole world, mainly because it's a real haven, my home away from home and simply amazingly, breath-takingly beautiful...!!!
The beach is Lostmar'ch (or maybe Goulien?) on the Atlantic ocean, our very own 'sunset heaven'. We come here to pretend we can surf, and to get away from the German and Italian tourists (no offence?!?) that crowd the little tame beaches of Morgat and its environs.
As I write it's damp and grey and miserable outside on a cold,dark winter's day and I am pining for the beauty and serenity and warmth of summer in writing about it is the next best thing - nearly.


  1. Heh fang, lovin your blog!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!!!!

  2. thanks Paul, I had a sneaky peak at yours, and was propelled into a whole new world, am feeling really inspired by bloggers the world over :-) How addictive is this though?!?!
    Happy new year to you 4 too!! xx

  3. lol, so addictive you have a whole new fasting avenue opening up in front of you... the blog fast for when it all gets way too time consuming and you need to rebalance ;)

  4. mmm i had kinda thought of that yes; lent might be a tad too long without blogging though, but I am challenged - as ever; don't know whether to thank you or not, but thanks


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