Friday, 29 December 2006

Beautiful Brittany

The pictures below were taken by my Dad, one of the best amateur-photographers I know.
Douar-an-Avel is our wonderful family home, just a few miles outside of Morgat - a quaint little britton port and seaside resort where I have been going all my life. It truly is my very favourite place in the whole world, mainly because it's a real haven, my home away from home and simply amazingly, breath-takingly beautiful...!!!
The beach is Lostmar'ch (or maybe Goulien?) on the Atlantic ocean, our very own 'sunset heaven'. We come here to pretend we can surf, and to get away from the German and Italian tourists (no offence?!?) that crowd the little tame beaches of Morgat and its environs.
As I write it's damp and grey and miserable outside on a cold,dark winter's day and I am pining for the beauty and serenity and warmth of summer in writing about it is the next best thing - nearly.

the wibbs family of Baughurst

Well here we are, at the end of 2006, pretty much. Looking forward to developping this blob - er, blog - and sharing with the rest of the www, who, why and what we are. Just got to hope it makes sense to some of you, and I also have to take this opportunity to promise everyone that, yes, I do in fact have a life.

Monday, 25 December 2006

Christmas 06

The family patiently waited to delve into the mound of gifts Santa brought last night. NB: spot the realistic-looking snowy footprints which prove 'he' really was there...

Christmas lunch/dinner was lovingly prepared by 'Yours Truly' and her little crew of helpers and avidly devoured by at least 3(1/2) members of the wibberley household!! Thomas doesn't care much for free-range turkey and crispy roast potatoes though, so had a good old drink and played with his toy tanker-truck instead.

We then went and enjoyed mummy's new present in the garden room, a new sound-system, especially for me you understand, no ulterior motives whatsoever...and the boys had a good old 'jam' on the musical equipment. What fun was had by us all :o)